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Femtosecond has two major divisions of micro-optics and devices, including self-focusing lens (also known as gradient refractive index lens) and device field. The company has an advanced self-focusing lens production line, with an annual production capacity of 30 million. The material has passed the SGS certification and meets the RoHS regulations. In 2007, the gradient refractive index lens won the second prize of "national science and technology progress". Our products are all over the country. Some of our products have been exported to North America and European markets.

Lens processing
Femtosecond company is currently the world's largest self-focusing lens manufacturers, processing the production of various specifications self-focusing lens, it USES optical passive components and optical active device such as a variety of the micro optical system. The company has advanced testing and production machine, annual productivity up to 30 million.

Optical processing
Company has 20 and 12 b b double-sided polishing machine, cutting machine, cylindrical grinder, etc a batch of optical processing machine, and supporting 800 times digital microscope, F610 interferometer and goniometer many sets of high precision measuring machine, in addition to the mass production of self-focusing lens, also undertake various optical glass graphic of production and processing, monthly production of 2.5 million pieces.

Coating center
The company has advanced optical coating machine, can plating a variety of needs of the film system. The plating products have the characteristics of strong film layer, stable performance and small film absorption. Various types of film systems can be developed and plated for customers, as follows:

Research and development center
The optical communication r&d center is mainly engaged in product development, design and testing of self-focusing lens series and optical passive devices. The company has a good professional research and development team, the team members are mainly composed of master's degree, doctor's degree, and senior engineers with many years of research and development background and marketing experience of xi 'an optical machine institute. Since the establishment of the department, we have established the concept of "core technology oriented and market demand oriented" for product development.
In recent years, optical communications research and development center in miniaturization, self-focusing lens collimator, optical communication with lens array miniaturization, rotating connector aspects of in-depth research and development, developed products in the cooperation with many domestic and foreign enterprises successful application.

Device division
Device production line was established in 2009, the main advantage of our company in the aspect of self-focusing lens and the development of building line, the main products shall be straight, and the tap - pd products, components production line equipped with nearly thousand square meters of clean production workshop, has the advanced hardware facilities, a series of semi-automatic and automatic production machine and coating machine, equipped with high quality technical and quality support team, collimator products integrated production capacity 2 million, comprehensive production capacity of 450000 in pd products.