Collimating lens (grin lens) is mainly suitable for connection of beam divergence, it is usually used in optical passive components connection between optical fiber and optical fiber.
general parameters
Diameter tolerance
The length of tolerance
AR coating
Insertion loss (coating)
Reflection loss (coating)
Effective aperture
Thermal expansion coefficient
The Angle of
Diameter (mm) PIitch Wavelength (nm) The Angle Coating Product Number price (quantity) add to cart to buy
ZXR 05 500/600 00 NC 201110599030002 Inquiry
technical data
Grin lens materials include UV fused silica, BK2 glass, IR calcium fluoride, zinc selenide, etc. Zinc selenide and calcium fluoride lens, which have low group velocity dispersion, can be used for infrared ultra-short pulse collimation.
Aitmont optical has launched a new dynamic focusing ZVM lens, which USES an internal liquid lens with a main magnification rate of 0.65-4.6x and can achieve seamless focusing within a range of 7X.
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Advances have been made in the study of 3d focusing of equiionized surface with insensitive polarization